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LISC Committees 2010 - 2011

Convention Committee Toronto

The Convention Committee deals with all matters pertaining to the organisation of the booth, contacts with Oak Brook, the preparation of cachets, pins, stamps and sales. Kamal Joshi - Chairperson
Micha Gelber - LISC Secretary
David Jones - Pins
Thierry De Wandeleir - Cachet and Stamps
Isabel Cheong - Member
Leow Chua Wong - Member

Nominating Committee

The Committee consists of the last three Presidents.
The Nominating Committee prepares the list of candidates for the year 2012-2013. Nominations are always welcome.
Jan Pieter Bal  - Chairperson PP
Sue Johnson - IPP
Francesco Rinaldi - PP
David Jones - PP advisor

Constitution & Policy Committee

The Committee reviews the Constitution and Policy Manual, proposing and presenting amendments to the Board and AGM. David Jones - Chairperson
Auke Bosscha - Member
Anthony Cheong - Consultant
Howard Levenson - Consultant

Stamp Quality & Policy Committee

The task of this Committee is verification of new stamp issues and collectables in accordance with Policy Manual PS 0017. Micha Gelber - Chairperson
David Jones - Member
Thierry de Wandeleir - Member
Ken Stuckey - Blindness
Ton van Vliet - ROS (Rotary)
Howard Levenson - Consultant

Membership & Extension Committee

The Committee is responsible for recruiting new members and the establishment of new Chapters. Lion Ajoy - Chapter # 3 - India
Kamal Joshi - Africa
Lee Keng Hong - South East Asia
Hon Chee Lim - South East Asia
Jorgen Lotz - New Zealand
Franklenn Rocha - Latin America
Doug Schembs - USA
Michael Lampert - USA

Promotion Committee

Promote LISC through publications, The Lion, Website, Newsletters, MD and District Conventions, Regional Forums, LCI and Postal Authorities Isabel Cheong - Chairperson
Jan Pieter Bal - Website
Micha Gelber - Website
Joël Liechtmaneger - Member
Auke Bosscha - Philatelist

Editorial Committee

  Auke Bosscha - Chief Editor Philatelist
John van Bochove - Translations
Franklenn Rocha - Translations
Antonio Marte - Member
Micha Gelber             - Secretary

Album and Catalogue Committee

  Thierry de Wandeleir - Chairperson
Ton van Vliet - Affiliate Member

Used Stamps Project Committee

The Committee coordinates the collection of used stamps and distribution to projects worldwide and commercial marketing. Ross Paine - Chairperson
Isabel Cheong - Project Leader
Kees Heslinga - Project Leader
Dennis Crabtree - Project Leader
Lou Hessing - Member
David Jones - Project Leader

Centennial Committee 2017

The Committee makes all necessary preparations to facilitate Lion stamp issues by Postal Authorities worldwide for the Lions Centennial year. Micha Gelber - Coordinator
Jan Pieter Bal - Member
Antonio Marte - Member
Thierry De Wandeleir - Member