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Never seen stamps of Malagasy.

On my visit in Paris by our LISC president Daniel Barbier I could see his beautifull stamp collection.

I saw the unseen stamps of Malagasy of 140 Fmg.


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Historical Review of the 1967 LIONS 50th Anniversary USA Commemorative Stamp

By Antonio Marte

The commemorative 5-cent Search for Peace Lions Stamp was issued on July 5, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois, in conjunction with the Lions International Convention 50th Anniversary.

As a part of its 50th anniversary activities, the Lions sponsored a "Search for Peace" essay contest, and the commemorative stamp reflects the theme of this program. The contest invited young people ages fourteen to twenty-two from the more than 120 countries and geographical areas served by the Lions to submit plans for world peace. Title of the theme: "Peace is Attainable"

Bradbury Thompson designed the stamp. He based the vignette on the ancient Greek symbol for peace, the dove and laurel branch, from Jacob Bryant's "Analysis of Ancient Mythology."

Search for Peace

U.S. #1326
5¢ Search for Peace
Issue Date: July 5, 1967
City: Chicago, IL
Quantity: 121,985,000
Printed By: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Printing Method: Giori press
Perforations: 11
Pane of 50
Color: Blue, red and black


James Bradbury Thompson. Topeka. Mar. 25, 1911 – Riverside, CA Nov. 1, 1995

The year 2011 marks the centenary of the birth of James Bradbury Thompson. Defining Bradbury Thompson is difficult and easy: with him the modern graphic art became refined and elegant. He was a friend of Andy Warhol, and as an art designer for a magazine in 1950, he helped unknown artists like Joan Miro and others. He was a versatile designer, creating covers for magazines, posters, and advertising with a color sense and an ability to communicate without equal, which is the essence of pop art.

Thompson designed over 120 stamps. No other designer did so much in the world. Who can forget, especially the many teenagers who later became serious stamp collectors. The stamps 'LOVE', where the word love filled the entire vignette of the stamp, or those for the National Library, or Christmas stamps or those on the culture: "Learning never ends." In short, a brilliant and versatile man who had raised two generations of students as a Visiting Professor of Graphic Art at Yale University.

learning                                                    love

USA 1980. Education “Learning never ends”                                  USA 1984. Love stamp “Hearts”          

Many participants at the 1969 Lions Convention in San Francisco expressed their unhappiness with the design of the stamp because they expected something more distinctive. There was no Lions Club logo, and the very small type for "Lions International" was difficult to read. The Lions had put their soul in the Peace Poster Contest with large funding, as well as non-stop publicity in the national press which also published the winners of the competition.

Trying to justify Bradbury Thompson’s art concept is hard when you look at his other stamps, and at his production. We can quote Horace when he stated "quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus"- Even the great Homer sometimes dozing -, and this could be an explanation. But it is too simplistic.

The preparation of the stamp was long and arduous. The governor of the post office, Frederick Belen, presented the sketch in May to the national press, praying collectors would order early. The stamp design was not so simple: with a superficial look, the dove of peace brings an olive branch in line with the Jewish-Christian tradition. In fact, Thompson’s dove refers to the mythological traditions of ancient Greece and bears a laurel branch.
The laurel branch is a complex symbol of peace and victory, but means precisely peace because it follows the victory of sports or war.

Then we must think at the American historical context of that time: Lyndon B. Johnson was the President; America was in full drama of Vietnam. In 1967 the Americans had come to the front with over 400,000 solders, B52 unloaded tons of bombs, and the peace movements were in full activity against a war.

In my opinion, the stamp was in line with Bradbury Thompson’s time.
Don’t you find the Lions 50th Anniversary USA Commemorative stamp, designed by Bradbury Thompson, a bit nicer now?

Antonio Marte

Acknowledgement: The author expresses his gratitude to Lionsfriend Howard Levenson for his cooperation


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