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Lions International Stamp Club

The Lions International Stamp Club (LISC) was formed at the International Convention in Atlantic City in 1951 by Lions with a common bond of Lionism and philately. (Melvin Jones was an avid stamp collector and a charter member of LISC.)

The purpose of LISC is to foster and develop the avocation of Lions stamp collecting to increase international goodwill of Lionism.

It is an affiliate organization of Lions Clubs International and holds an annual meeting during the International Convention.

Lions Stamp Collection and Liontopical Collection

More than 100 countries have issued postage stamps with the Lions logo on it in recognition of Lions club activities in their countries. The first Lions stamp was issued by Cuba in 1940 at the 24th International Convention in Havana.

Lions Stamp Collection Criteria

A Lions collection consists of stamps and souvenir sheets which:

  • show the emblem/logo of Lions Clubs International or
  • make mention of Lions Clubs International
  • include perforated, imperforated and gutter pairs
  • are issued by countries that have an official Postal Authority, are members of the Universal Postal Union and are issued for postal use
  • are from countries in which there is a Lions Club International presence.
  • are given numbers in the four main official stamp catalogs

Other versions such as color proofs, errors and deluxe sheets can be collected but should not be printed in the pages of a Lions Stamp Album.

Liontopical Collection Criteria

A Liontopical collection should include stamps and souvenir sheets (including perforated and imperforated) that are issued honoring persons living or dead, who are or were active honorary Lions. The two classes following are 'Lions Club' stamps:

  • Raoul Follereau
  • Helen Keller

Lions and Liontopical Covers

First day and special Lions event covers bearing the above stamps, Lions covers with cancellations showing the emblem or mentioning Lions Clubs International or Lions Clubs Covers with cachets mentioning Lions Clubs International, Lions Clubs or a Lions activity are acceptable.

Other Subjects

Besides collecting other stamps and philatelic values, Lions stamp collectors may collect stamps showing activities associated with Lions Clubs such as:

  • Sight preservation
  • White Cane
  • seeing eye dogs
  • hearing preservation
  • youth education
  • activities connected to a Lions event but not having the Lions emblem, logo or mention of Lions Clubs International.

Activities and Service Projects

Members can participate in activities such as stamp exchanges and used stamp collection programs for charitable and community service.

Some of the current service projects are:

  • Deaf and Blind Children’s School (Australia)
  • Lions schools projects in South Africa, Australia, Canada and Netherlands
  • Supporting Children’s Hospices and Lions Welfare Projects (U.K. and Ireland)
  • Catholic Mission at Burkina Faso (Italy Lions)
  • Military Veterans organizations and rehabilitation hospitals (U.S.A.)

The Philatelist

There are more than 450 members of LISC worldwide and each member receives “The Philatelist,” a quarterly newsletter that includes articles on Lions stamps and covers together with many offers to members.

Local Chapters

Local Chapters of LISC have been formed in USA as well as in Asia, Australia, Italy, France, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom and Ireland. These chapters are actively involved in charitable and community service projects as well as the hobby of stamp collecting.