Dear friends,
We are deeply impressed and very grateful for the incredible number of reactions
we have received from around the world following the death of Ria.
They are a great support to us after this huge loss.
We fondly remember her appearance, radiant, charming, always well-groomed,
dressed well and chic, with a friendly and constructive warm word for everyone
she met. Her friendship, involvement and commitment to many activities with the
Jewish community, MOE, Probus Hillemien, Lions and its stamp club, Termaat and
bridge club, lectures and training.
But most of all her grand family of 4 generations that she has built and shaped and
continued to nurture until her last moment. She was always there with great love
and understanding for her children and grandchildren. Also, the many beautiful
trips, the stay in Moscow and Ukraine and her unlimited support for me.
After a brief incurable illness, Ria has left us quite suddenly peacefully and without
suffering. However, she will never really leave us and we will often feel her
watching over our shoulders.
Iris, Itamar and Simona, Doron
Sharon and Pieter, Tamar, Ruben, Yair