Final President Report by me for 2019-2020.

It was with great sadness Our life member Micha Gelber lost his wife Ria, who received a MJF this year for her great service to LISC over many years serving also at Conventions Booth and supporting Micha in his great service to LISC.

It is important for us to see What LISC does for the world, Hence we need the chapter reports and Individual LISC members to report on what they and their chapters have done for LISC this year. Like over many years LISC has contributed hundreds of thousands of $ dollars  to LCIF. Eg is chapter 10 collects and sell stamps for Lions project. Which will be shown in chapter reports. Please send these reports to Secretary David McKirdy [email protected]   also send him your membership LISC so you don’t get overcharged when dues are sent out.

We would like to know what recognition our members have received this year like Australian Secretary  PIP received AQM one of less than 1000 people honoured in Australia this year for his community work. Dear Members please tell us about you.

I congratulate our incoming President Spyros Seremidis and 1st VP Peter Brandenburg also webmaster.

I thank all those members who have participated in help keeping LISC alive, when I couldn’t see the way forward. Thank You Micha .

We do need more communications from Members which was one of my goals for this year , but has been disappointing from the responses I got.

We looked forward to Montreal, after the great disappointment for chapter 12 and all the work they did towards the Singapore Convention.

Micha found the NIS had slowed after the great releases of 2017 Lions 100 years.

He has an amazing amount of Material in the webshop. Not only stamps, Deluxe sheets ,colour prints part of stamp production. Look at our update catalogue at you will see the amount of variations in area’s it covers.

1Lions stamps and all it has attached to it.

2 Leprosy

3 Blindness

Look up in Catalogue Stamps and sheets, as well as related stamps and Subjects.

There is many ways to go with Lions stamps which when I show them to stamp collectors they are amazed about what there is and also teaching people about Lions at the same time.

Thank You Ton van Vliet for the years of work in our fabulous Catalogue and encyclopaedia, it is so comprehensive. All members you should make use of it.

You will be surprised how much material Micha has in the web shop for your collections. Just by looking at Catalogue. His email address [email protected]

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