Dear LISC friends

It has been more than 2 months since you elected me as president of LISC, for me that is a great honour, especially since I have not been collecting stamps for such a long time.
My friend Micha Gelber showed me in a positive way what it is like to collect Lions stamps and what a beautiful international network one gets with that.
Otherwise I would not have met people like Dianna / Ted / Spyros and many others.

For me it is always important if I do something it can also mean omething for other people.I am surprised by initiatives such as for example in Australia, where a lot of
money is collected for a project where people have mobility problems.Special movement devices have been developed that give these people the possibility to move by themselves.

There are many projects that are organized by our Chapters. I am also proud of our LISC friends in Asia who show in many ways who lions stamp collectors are like our Director Lion Ivan Wong who has a specialized collection of Lions First Day Covers. Wherever he participated in exhibitions he has won international awards. I think this part of the world needs special attention and fortunately our Past International President Dianna Lim has accepted the position of Special Advisor for Asia.

This is not to say that other parts of the world are less important and that is why I am pleased that our Past International President Lion Daniel Barbier has made himself available for the position of Director.

There have also been very important elections of Lion Evan Jones in the positions of Secretary and of Ton van der Laak as Treasurer. I would like to welcome them
to the daily Board as without these 2 people the work would be much more difficult.I would also like to thank Thiey de Wandeleirrr and David McKirdy for the great work they have done the past years.

I am happy that a number of people have said that they want to stop their activities but certainly want to help their successors find their way.

What was developed in the last Fiscal Year is the new members App.LISC member Eric Koh has spent a lot of time creating this new App. and is therefore thanked very much.

The App only makes sense if it is kept up to date. Soon every Chapter will receive an email from our Secretary in which he asks to inform him and register at least 3 persons:

1 the president
2 the treasurer
3 the secretary of our Secretary

Of course there is also the website that we try to keep as up-to-date as possible,every LISC member can visit this website, only he has to register via the registration form via: The website is
the App LISC membership App can be found in the App. store. Sign up and you will receive even more information from LISC.

At the end of September we will have the 1st Board meeting and then we will also make a decision regarding the composition of the committees.

The first meeting where we can meet physically is the Europa Forum in Thessaloniki. I invite everyone who is a member of LISC or wants to become a member to meet us there.

Of course we want to talk to you about what you can expect from us and what we can do for you.Of course there is the possibility to purchase a basic collection, but the useful will also be combined with the pleasant and the drinks will be paid for by LISC.

But of course that is the moment to once again honour the Past President Spyros for his work in the past fiscal year.If you have any questions, you can always contact us
Heartiest Lions and LISC greeting from President Peter Brandenburg-PCC/PMJF