Our History

The Founding of Our Stamp Club

In 1951 a Lions stamp club was founded under the auspices of Lions Clubs International. It is an independent entity with its own Constitution, rules and regulations as well as a Policy Manual. Changes in the Constitution have to be approved by the LCI Board of Directors and the Legal Department.

LCI Founding Father, Melvin Jones was one of the initiators and founders of LISC. As early as the 1920’s Lions postal cancellations had already been in use by various Lions Clubs for their special fundraising events. In 1940 the Cuban Postal Authorities issued the first official Lions stamp dedicated to the International Lions Convention in Havana. It clearly shows the Lions Logo. A similar stamp was issued for Rotary International as well.

During World War II “Stamps For The Wounded” had started to collect used stamps to be shipped to institutions where soldiers were revalidating from their injuries or stayed for many years thereafter. Initially adopted by LISC it now operates independently of LISC. However many Lions Clubs worldwide are very active today collecting used stamps both for social rehabilitation and fund raising projects.

In the course of the years more than 10 LISC Chapters have been established in all corners of the world. Over 500 Lions who are members of LISC were not necessarily Philatelists at the outset but by realizing how wonderful this hobby of collecting Lions stamps is they decided to join our organization. They have also recognized the special relationship existing between LISC members. It supports and develops friendship and is an excellent way to communicate with other fellow Lions.

LISC publishes a quarterly periodical called The Philatelist bringing the latest news about new issues, covers, discoveries, reports from the various chapters as well as organizational matters.

LISC participates in the International Lions Convention with its own booth, issues covers with a special LISC cachet with the various Convention dates. We also produce an annual LISC pin and badges.

LISC has issued a special Lions stamp album as well as a brand new 2007 LISC catalogue.
We operate a New Issue Service for stamps that have been approved by the LISC Verification Committee and sell Lions stamps from Chapter # 7 stock books.

Bi-annually a Membership Roster is mailed to all the LISC members to enable each of us to communicate and exchange Lions stamps.

In addition to Lions stamps, either with a clear Lions Logo, or Lions text overprint, Lions Topical stamps fitting into a Lions activity or theme have been included as addition to the Lions stamp collection. Such themes may include Leprosy and blindness.

Leprosy may include G. Hansen and Lion R. Follereau. Blindness includes many possibilities such as the Helen Keller (Lion) and Louis Braille, but also guide dogs, white canes, Ophthalmology and Optometry, etc.

FDC’s and Convention covers also belong to a Lions collection.
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