Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions as described in the Constitution of LISC


Membership in this organization shall be open to any Lion member in good standing. Application for membership shall be submitted to the secretary of this club with payment of dues for one year.


  1. Any member of the immediate family of a Lion in good standing may become an Associate Member by application and accompanied with one year’s dues.
  2. Any member in good standing of a Lioness or Leo club may become an associate member by application and accompanied with dues for one year.
  3. All Associate Membership applications may be subject to verification by the Secretary of this Club.
  4. No Associate Member may be elected an officer of the club.


A membership card shall be issued to each member and associate member upon payment of his/her dues. Such membership card shall indicate the date membership began.


  1. A member or associate member may resign at any time by a written resignation addressed to the secretary of this club.
  2. Any member or associate member failing to pay the dues within 90 days after due date, shall have his / her dues status brought before the Board for discussion and appropriate action.
  3. Any member or associate member may be removed from membership by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors for any conduct not in accordance with the general practices recognised among stamp collectors and for any cause including violation of any rules and regulations governing this club or Lions International.


  1. The annual dues of this club shall be established by a majority vote of those members attending the annual meeting. The amount to be established to cover costs of postage, Philatelist and acceptable administrative costs.
  2. Dues for all members and associate members are payable on the First Day of July each year.

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